Server Rules

Mercenary Gaming

Server Rules

No Duping

No duplicating items. Accidentally duplicated items should be thrown out.

No Mods

No modified game files shall be allowed. No external programs should be used ever when playing on EAC (EasyAntiCheat) protected game servers.

No Glitching

No using known or known exploits, glitches, or bugs.

Respect Staff Members

We’re not asking you to like us. We’re just asking that you don’t disrespect, command, or try to manipulate staff members.

English in Global

This is an English Server. We Speak English. You will be muted if we have to continuously remind you.

Use the Website.

If you have an issue, either in-game, with a player, or general inquiry, please use the website. Admins will respond ASAP.

Have fun and Bring Friends!


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