Server Rules

Server Rules

The rules of the server are as listed below. Admins will enforce these rules strictly, and they are subject to change at our discretion. We expect ALL members, regardless of seniority or rank to follow these rules. This includes Staff. While we expect you to hold all players, including Staff accountable, we expect you to be respectful whilst doing so.


No duplicating items. Accidentally duplicated items should be thrown out. Players who are caught with duplicated items will be banned immediately. You may apply for ban exemption here.


No modified game files shall be allowed. No external programs should be used ever when playing on EAC (EasyAntiCheat) protected game servers. Players who are caught with modded clients will be banned immediately. You may apply for ban exemption here.

(Mods = Cheats, not mod packs like Valmod, which should be removed before playing vanilla as well, because it will cause issues for you in game.)


No using known or known exploits, glitches, or bugs. Players who are caught using glitches will be banned immediately. You may apply for ban exemption here.

Respect Staff

We’re not asking you to like us. We’re just asking that you don’t disrespect, command, or try to manipulate staff members. Players who repeatedly break this rule risk being muted or banned. You may apply for ban / mute exemption here.

English in Global

This is an English Server. We Speak English. You will be muted if we have to continuously remind you. You may apply for mute exemption here.

Use the Website

If you have an issue, either in-game, with a player, or general inquiry, please use the website. Admins will respond ASAP.

Have fun and Bring Friends

Don’t forget, that above all, this is still a video game, and the point is for everybody to have a good time!

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