Lag Help Guide

 Server Lag Help Guide

Constantly Lagging?

Run through this checklist.

  1. Verify if you can run the game.

    This may sound obvious, but sometimes simple setbacks with an aging computer can be overlooked. Do you have 12GB RAM? 2GB Video RAM? 3.0 Ghz Quad Core CPU? Maybe it’s time to upgrade your gaming rig.

  2. Try Reducing Your Graphics

    If you don’t want to upgrade, and you still want a smooth experience, or if you’re just having a below average overall frame rate, try reducing your graphic settings for a while and see if it helps you out, as many people have reported success with reducing lag this way in the past. If this does not help, also try disabling V-Sync.

  3.  Internet Connection Requirements

    When playing 7 Days to Die, most people tend to overlook that their internet connection is one of the most important factors in a lag-free gaming experience, and that a poor connection can lead to inconsistency in game play. 7 Days to die requires a stable internet connection with at least 4MB/s Download & Upload Speed, while ensuring you have no high-internet-usage applications (Skype, torrent clients, web browsers, etc.) , antivirus, or firewall’s restricting your internet usage and overloading your processor. Other devices on the network need to be considered as well.

    I personally use to test my connection.

      (no, they didn’t pay me to say this.)

  4.  Use A Wired Connection!

    Ditch the wireless! Run an Ethernet cable from your router to your laptop or (hopefully) PC (no offense laptop users). There are usually several obstructions (walls, floors, objects, etc.) between your computer and the wireless router which will degrade even the fastest of connections. Plug that cable in. You’ll be glad you did. On that note; if you have to use a wireless router, make sure you optimize the location of the device for optimal connection quality, and less disconnections while playing online server based games like 7 Days to Die, Ark, Rust, Minecraft, Etc. You need to make sure that you have your router placed in a central spot, away from masonry walls or objects like a chimney, or metal. Make sure you allow “breathing room” for your router to radiate signals in every direction in the house.


  5.  Request a Server Reset!

    Sometimes the server suffers from issues as well so, If all else fails, see if others are having issues, and then request a server restart from a server admin. (Restart form coming soon.)

Server Admins

Frosty – Owner

Sanmarkey – Owner