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Private Trader

Custom trader of your choice spawned at the location of your choice. (Lifetime Warranty*)
(*if he dies, we will replace him until your VIP expires.)

“Invalid Item” Immunity

As a VIP, you will be granted immunity from the invalid item auto-ban system.
This means that if you happen to pick up a cheated item while raiding, you will not have to go through the appeal process of being unbanned. We still expect you to toss out these cheated items.

Ping Kicker Immunity

Once you purchase ANY VIP MEMBERSHIP, you will be added to the ping white list, and granted Ping Kicker Immunity, Forever. (Ping kicker set to kick at 250)

Reserved VIP Slot

3 Reserved Slot on All Servers – There will always be a spot open on the server for you and two of your friends.