Wipe Scheduled – Day 1300

Server Wipe Scheduled


Fresh Wipe

With A17 rumored to be released Mid-2018, we’re hoping to get one more good Alpha 16 play through before Alpha 17 hits stable build.

New Hardware

We’ve beefed up the server’s hardware, from a Xenon to a Core i7700k processor, which will mean smoother zombies, eliminated lag, and ideally a great server for PvP conditions. We’ve taken every piece of server hardware into consideration, and have chosen an exceptional hosting provider to bring you only the best equipment.

Wipe Scheduled for Day 1300

We’re planning to wipe the server on or around day 1300, which at the time of posting is approximately 30 days away, or about 1 full day out of game. This wipe will include player and map data.

Old Map

Are you a die-hard fan of our old map? Do you want to be able to say your goodbyes to your base? Well , now you can! We’re going to upload the ZIP file of the map and player data directly to our website, so that anyone who wants to access the data, can simply download it.


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