Alpha 17

Alpha 17

Alpha 17 New Hog Motorcycle Photo
Alpha 17 New Hog

Thank you to all of the loyal, dedicated 7 DTD members for such a successful Alpha 16. We’ve had thousands of visitors, hundreds of new members, and several donations to keep us going strong. We’re looking forward to an amazing Alpha 17 with all of you wonderful people!

We’re waiting in anticipation for The Fun Pimp’s next big patch, Alpha 17 Stable Build.

Mercenary Gaming Server will be wiped the day the Alpha 17 patch is released approximately one hour after its  first stable release.
Player data, as well as map data are both going to be reset, so this will mean a 100% fresh start for ALL players.

It is strongly recommended to start a new RWG map, as the fixes necessitated core changes to the chunk code. We apologize for this inconvenience.

~The Fun Pimps

Coming Soon to Alpha 17…

Alpha 17 (A17) Feature List

  • Vehicles Overhaul
    +New Physics
    +New Vehicle: Bicycle
    +New Vehicle: Motorcycle
    +New Camera Controls
    +Shift button to increase Torque on Bicycle for uphill speed
    +Space bar to bunny hop on Bicycle
  • Sleepers 2.0
    +Vulture Sleepers
  • Dungeon POI 2.0
    +Environmental Hazards
    +Zombie Closets
    +Climbable Trellises and/or Vines
    +Backstories for many of the POIs
  • Player Motion Captured Animation
    +Separate male and female movement styles
    +Power moves for melee combat
  • Weapon Overhaul
    +Replace gun parts with attachable modifications

Alpha 17 Videos

When is Alpha 17 happening???

Unfortunately, we have absolutely no idea! Patches are released at The Fun Pimp’s discretion. We are not members of The Fun Pimps team, nor are we affiliated in any way (yet? ;D ).  We are simply enthusiasts of the game, who wish for the game to proceed in its development and flourish.

What we can say about Alpha 17 Stable, is that it is coming soon. The official Developer Diary thread has been posted which usually indicates that a patch is in the works, and will be released within the months to come.

Issues from Alpha 16.4 Stable Build

( To be fixed for Alpha 17 )

Known Issues

  • Onscreen keyboard is only available if you start the game from Steam’s Big Picture Mode
  • Smell is not working with the new stealth we will revisit it in a17
  • GlobalUV support inhibits anisotropic filtering and it has to be calculated in the shader.
  • Farming of crops other than yucca and hops affects performance
  • Precipitation and cold temp going through windows, glass blocks, doors, and hatches
  • Excessive use of trigger plates may cause servers to lag during hordes.
  • Gore block dupe
  • Turret Clipping

Mercenary Gaming Servers Help Fix Alpha 16 Glitch for Alpha 17

Using Mercenary Gaming Server (IP: / Port: 26900 ), we were able to successfully discover, report, and help the developers reproduce the glitch so that it may be fixed in the upcoming patch.

Mercenary Gaming will continue to explore possible PVP related glitches and exploits, and hopefully work with the development team to make not only Alpha 17, but the whole 7 Days to Die game as a whole a better PvP experience.

Thread: Alpha 16.4 Stable Bug Report Thread | 7 Days To Die – OFFICIAL FORUM

Madmole in the Alpha 17 forums…

Use these links to skip to the parts of the A17 thread where 7 Days to Die developer Madmole appears!

Wallpaper and Trader Bob Images
Trader Bob Compound Concept Art
First look at bicycle
First look at THE HOG
Concept Art Video
Bathtub and Modular Pallet art assets
Dungeon Prefab Video
Player Mocap and Vehicles Video
First look at new Stag
First look at school bus model
Zombie Ragdoll and more video
Madmole comments and answers questions
Madmole comments on newest video concerning Bosses and HP bars
Kinyajuu comments on A17 system overhauls
Kinyajuu comments on the A17 weapon mod system
Madmole confirms jeep for A17 and shows new menus
faatal shows pics of gyrocopter
faatal reveals dynamic origin point used in A17
Madmole shows footage of gyrocopter and other vehicle progress
Madmole shows footage of combat enhancements and more.
Madmole posts a video by Prime about dialogue system and quests

Alpha 17 Changes

Updated as we learn them from the developers.

  • Maple Forest given an autumn colors palette
  • Every biome remastered for Unity 2017
  • Game Engine update to Unity 2017
  • Removed player collision from yucca and aloe to improve travel
  • Replace houses in Diersville with dungeon style POI houses
  • XP indicator bar added to HUD directly above the tool belt
  • Directx11 and Vulcan support added
  • Zombies ragdoll upon impact by vehicles and no longer impede vehicle movement
  • New art and animations for Deer
  • Deer split into Stag and Doe versions
  • Additional paint textures added
  • Current Wellness system removed
  • Wainscotting Block added
Wainscotting Example
Wainscotting, for those who aren’t familiar.

Dropped Alpha 17 Features:

Served up with total disappointment…

  • Ziplines
  • Behemoth (RIP You Sweet Prince…)Alpha 17 Dropped Behemoth

Mercenary Gaming PvP Server Alpha 17 Information

Alpha 17 = New Seed.

We will be using a completely new seed for Alpha 17.

We take every seed into rigorous evaluation and make sure that it will turn out to be a fun map.

Alpha 17 = New Hardware.

We’re currently testing a dedicated bare metal server from ReliableSite.  We’ve found the processing speed from the previous Xeon processor was not suitable for gaming server needs. This resulted in 10-20 FPS in game, even with minimal players online. We’ve upgraded to the best available Intel CPU

Alpha 17 = New Game Engine.

Alpha 17 is going to be showcasing the new updated Unity 2017 Game engine. We’re hoping this, in combination with stronger hardware, will allow for more players to be connected at once, and more importantly without lagging.

A16.4 Official Patch Notes Thread

Mercenary Gaming – “7MERC” Steam Group

Mercenary Gaming – 7 Days To Die Donation Shop

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