Alpha 16.3 Experimental

Alpha 16.3 Experimental has arrived.

We’ve Chosen to Update.
We’re going to attempt to bring our map and player data over to the new patch, despite The Fun Pimps advisory to do the opposite.

What this means for you:
We are going to take a gamble on importing our data to the new patch, as always, this could potentially cause stability issues and therefore, will result in potential server downtime while we revert to previous saves.

When is the update?

  • We are going to update SERVER 1 – A16.2 | PvP | Wipe 7.31.17 | CBSM – @ 10 AM EST on 8/11/17


  • We are going to update SERVER 2 – A16.2 | PvP | Wipe 7.31.17 | NO zCoins – @ 12 PM (NOON) on 8/11/17


Estimated Downtime?
Approx 5 Minutes.*


* With any update there is a chance of something going wrong, in that case, estimated downtime will be 1-2 hours depending on server for the data to be reverted to it’s previous state. Rest Assured, your data will be preserved.

Alpha 16.3 Experimental Update Details – Official 7DTD Site

Original Post – MERC Steam Group