Admin Abuse

We take admin abuse very seriously.

If you believe one or more of our admins are abusing their powers, let the server know, publicly.

We do not tolerate the abuse of admin position.

Admins are intended to stop cheaters, to help the players have a smooth game, and mainly to manage the server. This is why it is crucial for YOU to keep our staff honest so that the game stays in an ideal condition.

Admin Abuse Examples:

  • Using Admin Advantage for PvP
  • Verbally Abusing Players
  • Sharing Player / Base Locations
  • Purposefully Taking Actions That Would Harm Our Server or Players (i.e. Wiping data, shutting server down, etc.)
  • Teleporting to Players without their consent / knowledge.
  • Spawning in items that haven’t been gained through legitimate means (bike disappearing, etc.)
  • Creating an admin base. (Either from spawned In items and or not allowing players to raid you without threatening or using admin powers.

If you’ve witnessed an admin abusing someone, have heard of an admin abusing someone, or were a victim of admin abuse, please let us know by voting, and commenting below.

We appreciate you playing on our servers, and we want to keep your game experience as pure as possible.

Just because it isn’t listed, doesn’t mean it’s not abuse!

Date of Incident
Select Appropriate Server

Select Applicable admins.
FrostySanmarkeyZombieSurvivorBayonetHeartLonokoMr. NinjaAndromedaMarcus Curtius

Would you like a follow-up on this?

If all else fails, contact me PERSONALLY.

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