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7 Days to Die PvP Server

Come join an established group of seasoned 7 Days to Die players.

Watch your back, be careful who you trust.

New & Experienced Players, Groups, Streamers Welcome.

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The best servers use the best hardware.

The best game servers use the best hardware. Period. This has been MG7D’s core belief since our foundation. Each of our game servers is deployed specifically for that game. We handpick the best host, the best hardware, and the upmost reliability, cost is an afterthought in our server acquisition process.  Thanks to the wonderful people at ReliableSite, we’re proud to run on Intel’s powerful 7th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-7700K Processor, 64 GB of DDR4 RAM, fueled by an incredibly fast 1GB/s Internet Connection.  We’re using lightning-fast, NVMe SSD Drive to securely store your game data, which means fast loading times, and lag-free gameplay.

Our Story

Mercenary Gaming was officially founded January, 1 2017. Since our start as a simple shared-hosting 7 Days to Die PvP server, MG7D has grown into a community of players with a variety of gaming interests. Our ambition is to support our community and it’s players, as well as games in the industry that we believe need attention.

7 Days to Die Alpha 17

Are you ready for Unity 2017, Directx11, and Remastered Environments? Alpha 17 is adding new Vehicles, Weapons and Physics, all overhauled with the Unity 2017 Engine and Directx11 which will be very exciting for this stage of development. Using this new engine will improve stability and performance across the board.

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Developer News

Are you looking for more of the Latest Developer news in 7 Days to Die? We have Fun Pimp Exclusives as well as The Fun Pimps forums, official website, and twitter. content from  featuring the very latest in news and development towards 7 Days to Die and its gaming community. We’re following every step of development, and enjoy sharing the knowledge that we discover about the game with the community. We’re also proud to be in contact with the game and mod developers making improvements to the game and its plugins.

Follow our news section for all the latest game updates. Content is generally from The Fun Pimps forums, official website, and twitter.



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