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Welcome to Mercenary Gaming!

We are a nation wide community of gaming enthusiasts focused on giving back to the world of 7 Days to Die. All of our servers are completely dependent on our donations and are proudly self-hosted. We really appreciate the support of everyone out there while we're redesigning our infrastructure. Currently we're running AMD 8300FX 8 Core Overclocked to 4Ghz. Come join us for a round of fun on our Public Server listed below or by joining our Discord!


Vanilla PvP Server

7 Days to Die Server Details


New to the community? Be sure to read all of the rules for our 7 Days to Die servers before you join. We are an open and accepting community to all gamers, and we're here to make sure your time in our community and on our servers is a great experience.


Looking to contribute to the cause? You can donate and receive VIP membership to all of our servers, priority support, and more! Not to mention 100% of all donations go towards running the server and maintaining hardware.